Welcome in "STARÁ ŠKOLA" (Old School)

Stara skola guesthouse is situated in a picturesque hillside region in the village of Priepasne, between the towns Myjava and Brezova pod Bradlom.  It lies in a valley at the foot of a hill called Bradlo, where M.R. Stefanik memorial is located.

Stara skola is really old - it was home to a Protestant school that, according to the local archives, began providing education to local children in 1904.

It is thanks to its "genius loci" that the guesthouse is an ideal place for seminars and trainings, but also a great place to relax.

In a large corral adjacent to the guesthouse you can watch herds of fallow deer and moufflon owned by a local animal farm.

Surroundings of the guesthouse are suitable especially for cycling and walking trips.